Car is Pas't

by Anaximander

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About three weeks before releasing this, my car broke down. I decided I'm done with owning a car for now. I've been walking/biking/busing instead. It's a nice change. I'm feeling positive. In the short time since my automobile and I gave up on each other, I produced this EP. As with my other recordings, much of its origin lies in improvised recording sessions at home.


released September 12, 2011

All materials produced by Anaximander/Phillip Foshée.



all rights reserved


Anaximander Austin, Texas

A Music-Oriented Experiment by a human known as Phillip Foshée

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Track Name: Car is Pas't
When it's our time to go
The airplanes are soon to follow
With one last blue-gray cough
I cast my burdens off

I'm not turning her over
I'm not turning her over
I'm not turning a corner
I'm not turning at all

With one last blue-gray cough
This car is pas't
With one last blue-gray cough
This car is pas't
Track Name: Two Tons of Iron
Such a fool for thinking
A lousy two dollars and fifty cents
Would be sufficient to
Counteract the downward pull
A fool for thinking you
Could force these rusted parts to move

I have carried too much of your weight
I have taken up too much of your hate
Lock up or not, and leave whatever behind
Two tons of iron resigned
Track Name: Spark-lit Mixture
These cold and vacant chambers
Were once often occupied
By a volatile vapor
And every single time

Your spark lit the mixture
That crack of the whip
I took the pain for you
I bear'd the heat and the distance
I drank up every drop of your essence

Only for me to find myself forsaken
Wearing what's left of what meals the doves had taken
Dried up
Dead in a parking-lot
Track Name: Curriculum Vitae
I d'know
I d'know
Decisions don't come easily
When I don't know what the shit I'm supposed to be doing
(With my life)
Or do I
I could paint you a picture or make you a movie
(It's so easy for me)
I could sing you a song about all my frustrations

I'll take every single one of you on
My plate to eat you with knife, fork and spoon
And I will no longer idly observe
While you take all the success I deserve

I've been humble
Indiscernible as an ant in a line

How does one stand out
Without drawing attention
Track Name: Will I just
If at all
When was it you
How can I tell the difference between
My own intuition and something more
Is there something more

Is there some force
That will bring me
Back around
When I fin'ly go to sleep
Will I fin'ly know
Or will I just